So much to say, so little time!

Let's just jump in and get started!

VBS: Kerri

As we are Nicaragua this week we are putting on VBS events in and around the community.  This is what our VBS look like: 

  • We sing some songs led by both U.S. and our Nica team members
  • We tell the story of David and Goliath (Luke plays Goliath and we get a kiddo to play David)
  • A Nica shares the salvation message (if any of the kids are interested in hearing more our Nica member talk with them for a bit)
  • We play game (relays, duck duck goose, etc)
  • We do crafts (decorating a foldable frisbee) 
  • We get to spoil them a bit with a sweet treat!  

One of my favorite things about VBS is to work side by side with the Nicas. God has helped us all overcome language and cultural differences while we do His work in La Esmeralda and the surrounding communities.  

On Tuesday 18 kids came to know the Lord!!!  Can we all just give God a huge shout out of praise?  He is the only way any of this is possible and He deserves all the glory for it!  

There is a song called 'Let the Heavens Open' it says:

Let the heavens open
Let your kingdom move
All our faith and hope in
Our Great God
— Let the Heavens Open, Kari Jobe

To me, that is what this week is all about. God's kingdom in Nicaragua, moving lives toward Him!  The most important part to me is the faith, trust, and hope in our Great God.  

This week is all about knowing Christ and making Him known! #YourKingdomCome #OurGreatGod

Field day: Luke

On Monday we invited the kids and teens from the community to participate in field day with us.  We played fútbol (soccer), baseball and a variety of other games.  It was fun to compete with the Nicas, although we never knew who was on our team!  

One of my favorite things to do is play with the kids, so the day was right up my alley.  It was cool to see Fox River and Nicas play together as one team.  The day was just another reminder of that. I am excited to continue to get to know the Nicas and hang out with the kiddos!  

- Hasta luego, Luka palooka

Community Outreach (Hygiene Packs): Melody

Yesterday and today we went out into the communities and had the opportunity to bless many families with hygiene packs. These packs consist of toothbrushes and paste, soap, combs, sewing kits, washcloths, etc.

It was very cool to be able to put a touch of love on the communities. After giving the packets we also took the time to pray over the household and the families. This was such an awesome experience to be a part of.  I think today was mainly to bless the people of Nicaragua, but at the same time it was a huge blessing to me as well.

Even though I can only somewhat understand what the Nicas are saying, I know that we have the same God that hears all of our prayers no matter what language we may speak.  It's overwhelming to know how big the God we serve is!  His is moving in my life and over here in Nicaragua.

Thank you for your prayers, I am excited for what God has planned for us next.  And if it's anything like today, it's going to be an adventure!  

-Adios! Melody

Team Bonding: Caleb

After a delicious meal of rice, beans, and other food for dinner our teams spend time sharing our stories of how God has been working in our lives! Sharing our stories is more than getting to know other people, our stories show God as a multicultural God who works in all places of the world and in all languages. He works uniquely in each person and it is good to hear and understand.

After "my stories" we teach games like spoons, Pieter Pieter pow pow, etc. to our partners and have a lot of fun (unless you are competitive, as the Nicas are really good at all games new and old). #BreakingDownLanguageBarriers #All4Hi

Rain and Mud: Abbey

We have had a really great week weather-wise. Yet we still experience some of the other! Today has been our first rainy day out in the community and we have quite the story to share about it.

When it rains here, it rains hard, which means the mountain roads get quite muddy and slick. Today on our way to the community, we would be spending our afternoon in we met one of 'those' spots in the road where our bus just didn't want to get through by itself. Yes! We pushed the bus up and out of a sticky situation!  #AdventuresInNicaragua 

Tomorrow is our last day on the mountain!  Pray we leave a lasting impact in the last school we visit and in the community we have spent out week in!

Your prayers are being felt! Gracias!!!