The True Rock Stars

A word from Barb:

We’ve been here 4 days already (having arrived on 1/6). It seems like we’ve been here forever yet I’m already dreading having to go home.

The best part of this trip is being with the children. They are so welcoming and loving as they run up to us as though we were rock stars. But, you know what, the true rock stars are the teachers and workers who teach, care for, and feed these precious angels.


Yesterday we visited a place that is very special to Glenn and me — Sahajanand. Over 800 special needs children and adults live in this facility that was started and is supported by Mombasa Cement Company. Three years ago we met Jimmy at Sahajanand. He is severely challenged, and reminded us very much of our daughter Andrea. In 2015, Andi had just passed away, and when we first saw Jimmy, our hearts melted. His sparkling smile gives us such joy, there’s nothing like it. These children crave love, and having the opportunity of loving on them for even a few minutes is better than Dove chocolate.


We also had the opportunity to meet with one of our sponsored children. He’s just graduated from Crossroads Academy and is preparing to attend Valerye McMillan High School. We went to a shopping mall on Tuesday, where I convinced him to experience a virtual reality roller coaster. When we got out of our chairs, he was holding his chest and said he had almost panicked. I asked if he’d do it again, and he said “no”. At least he was willing to try.

Words cannot express the gratitude that the team feels for having experienced the love, hospitality, and gratitude these students, their teachers and their parents show us when we’re here. No one can describe the extent of what we provide to these children with our sponsorship’s. Given what we see of the conditions in many areas in Kenya, our small sacrifices of sponsorship’s are worth millions.

Visiting sponsored child’s home.

Visiting sponsored child’s home.