Fun filled day

Today the medical association visited the clinic and we had the opportunity to see how the clinic functions. While the adults were treated the kids came around the back and we got to play with them for a while. 


While Abbey, Rob, and Stephen played with the kids I got the opportunity to talk with some of the patients of the clinic and hear a little bit of how it has impacted their lives. One man shared that the clinic has helped to change the community in many ways. One of the ways that he specifically mentioned was how the clinic is teaching people how to eat and take better care of themselves physically but is also touching them on the spiritual level. I wish you could all hear the thankfulness in their voices. 

After lunch we went to Las Nubes and got to spend a couple hours just playing and laughing and sharing time with the children of that community. To end the day we are hosting a movie night at the church. 

Thank you for your prayers!