Today we got a ton of work done and we are set up for the rest of the week.

Logan is sharing with us tonight...

Eggs Ranchero!

I rode a motorcycle.

The natives put me to shame.

We awoke this morning in good health and made our way to breakfast. I did my morning leg lifts and jumped on a rock! Once we made our way to the food we began with prayer, like we do before everything. (There’s a reason for that, I’ll get there in a little bit.) I had a piece of toast, although eggs and beans/rice were options. (I’m not particularly a fan of eggs.)

We made the trek up the hill of death, to our work space. Mark Potter suggested we stretch, but I had already stretched! Dilema! So I filled my water bottle instead.

I added an energy/hydration pouch to my water, it tasted horrid.


I was assigned to work on the hole, a ten foot square in the ground where we are building a septic tank. I worked as hard as I could, but the Nica’s outworked me again. Unsurprisingly.

Logan working on the sidewalk

Logan working on the sidewalk


I made my way around to all the stations throughout the day. The sidewalk we’re building is coming along so well! The bathrooms are probably making the most consistent and powerful strides of progress. Even the children’s center has finally been leveled and good to go.


I’m learning so many words, perdòn means ‘excuse me’, which I say a lot, considering how often I’m in other people's way. The people here are incredibly accommodating and kind. Luís took me on the motorcycle, and all the guys have been super helpful regardless of how little I know.

But most importantly, Jesus is at work here, and it’s hard to miss. We talk to him as much as possible, because without him, none of this is possible. We’re just getting out of the way and letting him do his thang.

Now! Go enjoy your warm showers and go to bed! You crazy kids.

Love you.


Thanks for sharing Logan!