Off to a wet start!

Today was our first trip to La Esmeralda and the layout day for ourprojects. We started up the mountain at 8am. It was nice and sunny to begin with, but the weather changed often and I think we have seen everything but snow today! It was a great day, but a true test of how the team was going to do in this crazy weather! We were able to attend church in La Esmeralda just up the hill from the clinic. Then we were off to start the job of laying out the projects. We started out thinking we would try and dig a few of the huge 6-ft footings. That was going well until we hit a pipe (note I didnt say break!) in our first row of footing holes. We ended up having to change some things around so it all work out ok. It was awesome to see how everyone jumped in to help out! We stopped for a great lunch that the staff had made for us. Then we took off from there. The girls were moving and getting the lumber ready as the boys were stuck in the holes. Haha! We were able to get all 8 of the holes dug despite all the clay they had to dig through and the crazy weather that gave us the hot sun and then rain that would just come and dump on us. After a few times through the cycle of rain and sun we stopped trying to put on our rain gear and just got wet. After all, the sun would come out and dry us off. Coming from someone who is not in construction, I was really impressed with how much it really takes to get it to the point you will see in the pictures. Bruce and Bob did a great job keeping people going and dealing with the challenges that came up along the way. The bus ride home was so quiet. We were all ready for a hot shower and some food! The team is all doing great job working together and really blending as a team. If you would join us in praying for the weather - the rain is really hard to work in and the area around the clinic is all clay so it's messy! Working through the weather will be challenging, but we are so excited to finally be here and work on behalf of Fox River to provide facilities for greater outreach through the church and clinic. We appreciate your support and prayers!


This is from our drive up the mountain


This is just one of the bridges we have to cross over on our way up.



Church - I dont know if you can tell where our team is ;)


Our awesome team!!!


We all were helping ding the holes!



Lunch time



Go girls!


The first team done!



Working on where the playground was going to go....should it go in this mud...or over there in that mud?


almost ready to put the first post in!


putting the first post in....yes this was just a few min after the last pic!


Now comes the really hard working- making sure it is all lined up right!


We had 4 standing post done!


Just to give you an ideal of what 5 pounds of clay looks like on your shoes!


This is the before pic of where we are working.


This is where we left off today.