Adventures in the rain!

Today was an adventure! We were working on finishing the roof of the pavillion when a big rain storm came in. That add lots of fun to roofing! It was nice to have most of the pavilion done so we had some place to hid out and working on the picnic tables. The jungle gym team was not quite as fortunate since they only had half of their roof up! There was a lot of teaching going on today by our team. They were teaching the Nicaraguans how to us the power tools. We also had a team that did painting at the church. It was a bit of a challenge mixing the old paint but they added some water and just keep pouring it back and forth in five gallon buckets. Let's just say the project at the church has been a project that fits the saying, "When in Nicaragua do like the Nicaraguans!" We have had some fun times with them. When you see the pictures, remember that they don't have paint remover for oil base paints.

As we started this journey on Sunday we talked about what we were going to do if we didn't finish the projects. God set us on an adventure in so many ways that are related to this trip. He has blessed us with great weather and good help! I am so pleased to report that Lord willing tomorrow we will finish painting the church, putting the picnic tables together and wrap up a few lose ends regarding the pavillion and jungle gym. We will have completed all that God had for us to do.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day because it will be the last with all of our new friends and some hard goodbyes will be said. Please pray for the team as they complete their work and prepare to head home.


Back at it


Working on moving the 75 pound scaffolding they made!


Learning how to paint like a Nica.


Note to self...after painting the wall don't put your head on it!


2nd note to self - when your counter balancing someone don't get up!


Brian working hard (on getting his phone to work!)


First rain on the pavilion


...umm guys maybe we should finish the big gap at the top soon!



How many guys does it take to put together a table?


Looks like they got it! Nice job guys!!!


What a great teacher.


She has taken on the Nica way of painting! (she will have that with her for some time! Haha!)


Painting with her coffee...when in Nicaragua!


It's all coming together!


Bob didn't want to get mud on his boots. (Really, we don't know what he is doing on the bucket but we have made up a lot of fun stories about it!)



End of day 5



It's almost done!