Founders Fun Day!

This morning some of us took a quick trip to Fort Jesus to do some shopping before heading out to Vipingo. After picking up the rest of the group we headed out for the Founders Fun Day where we watched the football (soccer) tournament, did activities and helped feed all the people that came out for the celebration. We had around 2,500 people out today and even though the weather was not on our side, God still shines through in unmistakable ways. In Kenya you should always be prepared to lose power at any time for any reason and that power I speak of, we did happen to lose today! During one of the power outages one of the guys had the opportunity to talk with a teen about disappointments, it started with talking about rain and the loss effecting the events of the day. It then went on to the power of Gods plan for our lives. Sometimes in life when we are faced with hard times or when things don’t go as you planned, God is the one with the power, the power to give and to take. I Love those moments God uses to bring us back around to Him in the midst of disappointment.

The team took a break from the activities they were doing to serve lunch for the people that came out. Now they have served our kids lunch before in the center but this was a new journey they went down when it came to feeding kids that didn’t know when there next meal will be. As I was talking to some of the team tonight this particular situation was one of the things that kept coming up. The kids from the center were so different from the kids from the village and watching the village kids fight over food was hard to see. I can’t imagine what it would be like not to know when my next meal would be. When was the last time you worried about not having money for food to eat or food to eat in general? It’s a hard for us to think of things like that but the truth is that it happens all the time here in Kenya. How many times do we go and open our fridge or pantry and say we have nothing to eat? I can say I do it more than I would like but we could change that. What if you see how long you can go without shopping? Make it a fun challenge to see how long you can go before you really have nothing in your house to eat…’s crazy, but think about how much stuff you have already in your pantry now or when you say “I am starving!” are you really? Do you truly know what starving feels like? Something to think about – Lala salama (have a blessed night in Swahili)