Bomani Celebration Day

A few of the team members started the day at Vipingo providing education on the importance of clean water and the benefits of the water backpacks. They then hopped on the bus and met up with the rest of the team at Crossroads Church in Nyali . Today was their 11 year anniversary. Needless to say, it was a huge celebration. There was standing room only in the church it was such an amazing privilege to get to be a part of. We returned to Neptune for a quick lunch and preparation for our celebration day at Bomani. There was a lot of rain today; however, we persevered through it! We played with the kids despite the rain. We found places to hide from the rain, the kids would surround us and we just had fun. I love it when we can use these moments to truly connect with kids. We had the opportunity to have conversation, to laugh, to learn and to really get to know the people a little bit more.

We ended the day in Bomani with the clean water education and water backpack presentation. It was overwhelming the response when we got when asking – Do you get headaches or have back pain from carrying water. As we talked about how the water packs helped with that and other problems the packed church broke out in celebration when they found out each family got one! I would like to say a special thanks to all of you that donated to make it possible for those families’ to receive a pack. Each family also received 2 kilos of flour, a kilo of beans today in place of lunch. In Bomani giving them flour and beans will last them longer and help them out more than just one meal.

It is always an emotional time on these last few days in the schools. The team is coming to the realization that we do not have much longer with the new friends they have made and the time to say goodbye is drawing near. Pastor Allan said it perfectly when we he was speaking to the team about the importance of when Fox River comes to Kenya; though the time is short that we have with the Kenyan people, the relationship is ever lasting. Please pray for the team especially on these next few days as we prepare our hearts to say “goodbye” to people that have made a lasting impression in our lives. Hopefully for most it is not a “goodbye” but a “see you later”.