Safe Arrival in La Esmeralda

I just got word that the team made it safely up the mountain to La Esmeralda. They had some delays getting out of Matagalpa because of a festival that caused some of the streets to be shut down. The trip up the mountain was slow going so they missed most of the morning service. The team had their first look at where they will be staying. After making some adjustments, they are all set. The team in Nicaragua has outfitting a large house to serve as a dorm for the team so they can stay in La Esmeralda this week. They will be unplugged and out of communication. This will be a very different experience for them.

Missionary Brian Weed challenged the team to listen to God this week and consider Whether they are searching for success or significance in life.

They are going to an evening service at church tonight and will be preparing for tomorrow's activities.

The ability to communicate with them is very limited because there is no internet and cell coverage is spotty at best. I will post when I get informtion. Jessie will attempt to get to a place where she can post pictures a couple of times during the week if possible.

There has been a lot of rain because of a tropical storm. Thank you for praying for each member of the team as they serve God together in some challenging circumstances. Jessie said everyone is doing great.

They have a great week ahead of them!