Monday, July 22

The word from La Esmeralda is.....Phenomenal! The things that have been attached to that word: **the attitude of the team - they are doing great! The water was out in the La Esmeralda area yesterday. They had some in reserve and everyone did well in dealing with limited water for all things related to personal needs. The water is back on now. There was a lot of rain last night and the kids are pretty water logged, but their attitudes have been great and they are improvising. Donna and Jessie made the drive into town to buy fresh produce for meals and purchased boots for some of the kids who needed dry footware. The weather began to clear in the afternoon so they are hopeful that the worst of the storm has passed. In the cloud forrest there is usually rain every day, but not like the rain they have gotten over the last few days.

**the first VBS the team put on in the grade school this morning. They did a great job working as a team, pushing through the language barriers and reaching out to the kids.

Tonight they have events plan with the teens. Tomorrow they will go into the community to distribute mosquito nets.

Please pray for the following: 1. Good weather & creativity to flex when plans have to be changed. 2. Continued health - everyone is doing fine. 3. Boldness to share their God story tomorrow as they walk through the community. Adjustment as they share their story through translators. 4. Unity - to keep a thankful, servants heart as they work together to bless, encourage and share the Gospel in La Esmeralda.

They are living an amazing adventure and so appreciate all the love, support and prayer they continue to receive from all of you!