Community Outreach: Vipingo

Today we had an incredible opportunity to reach the village of Vipingo.  The staff at Crossroads Academy in Vipingo, have worked tirelessly for months getting everything ready for "The Big Day".  All of their efforts came to fruition today, and we got to be a small part of that. 

As a team we were able to do lots of things to help with community day, today. Some of us played bubbles, painted nails, got our hair braided (OUCH! : ) ), watched futbol, rode camels, served food,  and sat and talked with the kids.  We saw Jesus in each and everyone one of these children, and feel so blessed to be able to be a part of their lives. We made best friends, that I am sure we will remember for the rest of our lives. 

A lot of our team saw God in a really cool and new way in the communities today. 


Today started out basically perfect with sleeping until 9:30 then awoke to an amazing breakfast. After breakfast Cam, Jake and I thought it would be fun to take a dip in the pool. The temperature was perfect and the sky was clear with a huge mango tree overshadowing the poolside. From there we sprinted to the shower and the bus all within a 45 minute time span. We made our way to the first school, Vipingo, where there were over 3,000 people waiting for our arrival off the bus. The tournaments had already started with soccer and volleyball. But the non-competitive activities included camel riding, bouncy house, face paint, and a amazing lunch for everyone prepared by our amazing cooks at the school.

The children that came took hold of all of us students almost instantly. They hung on with us all day while playing futbol  (soccer) and bubble blowing and crafts. We did this basically all day long untill the DJ came on and acrobats flew off the stage and trophies were handed out for the winners in the tournaments. As soon as that was over we left for the bus where so many stories and pictures of life changing memories were told. We arrived back at the hotel and ate a beautiful dinner and went to bed. Second day setting us off to a great start in a great place. #GodIsGood #AllTheTime 


Hey guys this is Cam and today we went to Vipingo for a celebration where the whole community was invited to visit the school and enjoy food and fellowship. Before we went we had an amazing breakfast and came together as a team. When we got to the school, we all were in awe at how many people where at the school all ready! When I got there kids where immediately grabbing my hands and I couldn't wait to hangout with all the kids I had met on the first day and also meet new people! Throughout the day I painted nails, got my hair braided (which kinda hurt), and taught them American dances, games, and how to blow kisses.

When I look back at my day I am so filled with joy by the people and how much they care about us even though they don't even really know us and when I was at  the school I felt so loved and I was so happy to put smiles on the kids faces at the outreach day. To end the day we all ate dinner as a team and shared some stories from our day. Then we all went to sleep ready for what ever God has in store for us tomorrow.   

Tomorrow we will head off to church, and then to Community Day in Bomani.  Please be praying for the lives that are changed on this day! Also please be praying for the lives touched today in Vipingo, and that God would continue to stir in their souls.