Full day

We had a very full day today!  Check out what the students have to share...

Abby Buck--

This morning we had the amazing opportunity to go to la escuela de Paraiso, a public school, and teach the kids there a bible story, sing, dance, and play games. Each kid was also able to make a hacky sack. I loved seeing all the kids playing and enjoying what we brought for them. Even though we didn't get to spent a lot of time with them, we know that it a huge impact and it's something that they will remember. But what's more important is that We were able to show God's love to kids and teachers who might not see it everyday.



After lunch we all loaded onto the bus and traveled to Las Nubes. We were able to pass out more hygiene packs to the Nica's and pray with them as well. Many of the families that we encountered welcomed us into their homes to pray. After handing out all of the hygiene packs we lined the property where the church is going to plant another site. We were able to pray for the upcoming church and bless the people involved in the process. 


Emily Buck--

When we were done handing out hygiene packs, we all got back on the bus to head to El Leon to watch Inside out with the people in the town. The movie was in Spanish with English subtitles which was amazing because we all could finally understand and experience something together. I remember at one point during the movie, I looked beside me and saw everyone laughing. Everyone! We could all enjoy the moment without trying to figure out what each other was saying or needing a translator. That moment was raw and genuine. The experience helped me bond more with the Nicas and I think others can say the same.