Las Nubes

We are so excited to share what God is doing in Nicaragua.  Are you ready?

As many of you know we as Fox River partner with The Familia Avance ministry.  We built and help fund the Medical clinic in La Esmeralda, Nicaragua.  Because the La Esmeralda church is in direct connection with the clinic we have built a very strong relationship with them!  We as Fox River have taken many trips... some to build, some medical, and many to serve alongside this church to encourage the ministries they have there.  Many of our team members would call this place a 'home away from home'.   We truly love this place and are so excited to watch as God grows these ministries!  And, Oh is He doing just that...

Through the partnership we have made with Santuario Familiar Bautista- La Esmeralda (the church) we have seen how their ministry has grown and expanded into the surrounding communities.  One of those communities is 'Las Nubes'.  Las Nubes is 5km from La Esmeralda (20 minutes by car, 1 hour by foot).  This community is a very poor community.  Not just materially poor, but also very spiritually poor, which is so evident when you look into their faces.  The need for a church in this community is so great.  Pastor Denis and his team have been called to bring hope to these people.

Here Pastor Denis shares how they do church do in Las Nubes now...*

"Semanal vamos a las nubes a realizar escuelitas Biblica, Ingrid tiene un estudio con niñas adolescentes acerca de pureza, este estudio con niñas es por el problema de que a temprana edad tienen relaciones sexuales, en Diciembre de este año, vamos a llevar a los niños de la esmeralda y tener actividad con los niños de las nubes, donde le llevaremos unos pequeños regalos, vamos hacer una casita de madera en el terreno de las nubes para empezar a realizar estudios con Jovenes y adultos, Jorvin dara este estudio los fines de semana, tenemos una familia que visita fielmente la iglesia, ademas vamos empezar una liga de futbol con jovenes de las nubes.  La iglesia de la Esmeralda irà a las nubes para limpiar el terreno de las nubes y enpezar actividades con jovenes, ademas cada mes vamos a ir a presentar pelicula al colegio de las nubes con Jovenes.  Pedimos oraciobes a ustedes Fox River por todas estas actividades. Les    queremos mucho Fox River e infinitamente gracias por todo su amor y apollo a estas comunidades de tanta pobresa espiritual. " - Pastor Denis
*Translation--"We have weekly bible studies in Las Nubes, and Ingrid has a study with teen girls about purity. This has been a great issue at a young age. In December of this year, we will take the kids from La Esmeralda to Las Nubes to be able to have a activity with all the children, as well as taking some small gifts. We have a wooden house on the grounds where we are able to have youth and adult studies which Jorvin does on the weekends.  We have one faithful family that comes to the church in La Esmeralda for services. We ask for prayers from you Fox River for all of these activities. We are infinitely grateful for all of your love and support in these communities." -Pastor Denis

As seeds have been planted, God has made it clear that he wants expansion to this ministry.  Pastor Denis and his team have been shown so clearly that a church is needed in this community of Las Nubes.  They have been working hard at spreading God's word and love there as they wait for pieces to fall into place for a building to house the church that is already been growing in this community.


We are so excited to share that God has made it possible for Fox River to support this ministry.  This summer land was purchased... did you catch that? LAND WAS PURCHASED!!!  Pastor Denis and Familia Avance signed the papers and now own the land that the building for Santuario Familiar Bautista - Las Nubes (the church) will be built!  Those of you who give to Missions at Fox River, this is what you are a part of! 

God is at work and his plans are unfolding, will you pray with us?

  • For the funds needed to be able to build this church in Las Nubes.

  • That the word will continue to soak into the lives of the people in this community, so that they can find the hope that Jesus brings. 

  • For the future Pastor, team, and members of this church, that God is preparing their hearts even at this very moment.

  • For all of the activities that are taking place and for the leaders to be used by God in great ways.

Exciting things are happening in La Esmeralda and now in Las Nubes.  We are so blessed to be a part of it!

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