Saturday: Women's Outreach & Teen Night

SATURDAY: The women's outreach event was held on Saturday morning at the church. Last year there were many men and children that came to the event because they were curious. This year it truly was a women's event. They made a craft and had a challenge. The women had a great time!

The men on our team entertained the children during the event. As the storm from the previous night subsided the sun came out and it was a beautiful day for their outside activities. I hear one of the team members is sporting a pretty good sunburn from the unexpected appearance of the sun.

Some of the ladies on our team have enjoyed jumping in the kitchen and helping with the meals. One of the Nica ladies gave them a lesson on how to make home made tortillas. There was much laughter as our American ladies gave it a try.

In Nicaragua, the high school students work during the week and go to school on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening is their normal time to gather to grow in their faith together as teens. The Fox River team joined with the Nicaragua leaders to plan an evening of challenge for all. The combined teams did a skit picturing the burdens we carry. Caleb gave a challenge and they divided into groups to discuss what burdens we carry and how to leave them at the cross. There were about 50 in attendance and it was a great evening of camaraderie and challenge for everyone.

It is not unusual for team members to experience some digestion issues during the trip. We are grateful to have much experience in preventing and treating this problem along with having a doctor right there in the clinic to help when needed. Please pray for continued health and safety as they serve God with our partners in Nicaragua!