Thoughts from the team

Hola, from Nicaragua!  We see our stateside bloggers have been keeping you updated, we had a few hours today to spare so we could get a post in from us!  

We had a few teams member write about the different things we have done so far.

Saturday's women's event: Leigh

On Saturday we had the privilege of loving on the women of La Esmeralda.  Although most of us could not speak Spanish, we made a connection with them beyond language.  They proudly wore the bracelet they created that morning and went away knowing they were loved by God and some new friends from Fox River!

Making bracelets  

Saturday's Teen Night: DawN

It was truly incredible to be together and see the Nica teen leaders come together to bring the teens f the community in for worship.  My favorite part was praying together as we shared our burdens and left them at the cross.  We might not always understand what each other are saying, but we do understand the power of prayer!

Sunday's Church Service: Kaylee


Sunday, instead of attending 'adult service', I got to assist in children's service.  We got to sing, play games, memorize verses, and have a story time.  Not being able to fully comprehend the story due to language let me sit amidst the children.  They taught me more on child like faith than anyone ever could.  If you were ever skeptical if they actually "get" salvation - they do.  The hunger they have for learning and the joy they have singing to Him is not replaceable.

Devotional time: Pastor Rob

Though language is a barrier for most of us, the strong desire to understand our Nica friends has brought about a strong bond in our team.  Each day we not only do ministry together, we also minister to each other.  We do that by serving each other, opening God's Word together, and sharing stories of God's working.  It is a daily reminder of how big our God is.  The God who works in us in the United States is also working in the hearts of the Nicaraguan people and obviously beyond these two countries as well.  Different cultures, different languages, different lives but the same Lord, Jesus Christ we serve.

As you can see we have a God so big that he can wipe away our language barrier that many of us face here and is able to work in our lives as well as through our lives!

Monday VBS: Abbey

We had our first VBS today and had almost 100 kids come out and join us for a morning full of Jesus!  We will share more about this as the week goes on! 

We we are all back on the healthy train, feeling so much better!  Thanks for praying! 

We are having so much fun with our Nica friends!